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Corporate Profile
GPR1® Wireless Safety System

World First Wireless Network designed to reduce circuit injury and save lives….

A major feature of GPR1 Race Wireless Safety System is ease of implementation as a stand-alone Network not reliant upon any external system or infrastructure, void of costly subscriptions and ongoing charges

  • How can a rider effectively signal “EMERGENCY” Alert to approaching riders including circuit Marshals, Clerk of the Course and Race Director
  • How can Clerk of the Course or Race Director instantly activate “STOP RACE” Alert to all competitors regardless of circuit location
  • How can Marshals instantly activate “CAUTION” Alert to fast approaching competitors 200 meters prior to incident “Hot Spot”?
  • Each GPR1 motorcycle unit can operate as an automatic repeater station, re-transmitting occurrence of alerts around the track. Within one or two seconds of activation, every rider participating in race event can be immediately informed to “CAUTION” or “STOP RACE” Alert.
Each competing motorcycle is fitted with GPR1 On/Off activation panel

The multifunction activation panel is wirelessly paired to a patented high powered LED Xtreme Beam® Unit. (Emergency Hazard Warning Light)

The ultrathin lightweight diamond shaped Xtreme Beam® Unit is strategically mounted on motorcycle under-tail

Advanced system electronics instantly transmit various warning alerts to multiple destinations
  • Vehicle to Vehicle (V2V)
  • Vehicle to Infrastructure (V2I)
  • Vehicle to (hand held) Remote Unit (V2U)
  • GPR1 is powered by internal lithium battery for simple fast fitment
  • No On/Off switch or battery wiring loom required
Rider identity is stored within the memory of the GPR1 unit for remote identification allowing Race Control to quickly identify the on track safety risk


A major feature of GPR1 Race Safety System is its ease of implementation as a stand-alone Wireless Network not reliant upon any external systems or infrastructure

Every GPR1 unit acts as an automatic repeater, re-transmitting occurrence of alerts around the track. Within one or two seconds of activation, every rider in an event can be informed of “CAUTION” or “STOP RACE” Alert

A rider can only signal a warning on their motorcycle. The rider has then drawn the attention of other riders nearby. This alert is silently transmitted around the entire course and triggers a warning on all Marshal Units displaying rider # on LCD screen

A Marshal who sees the source of the alert makes an assessment. If the risk is significant, the Marshal activates the “CAUTION” alert which will trigger flashing Xtreme Beam® unit on each motorcycle including indicator LED on rider On/Off activation panel

If the alert is over, the Marshal may also turn off the flashing Xtreme Beam® unit so that the race may continue

If the danger is critical, the Marshal can press the “STOP RACE” button. This will trigger a flashing interlaced Red/Amber Xtreme Beam® unit on the rear of each motorcycle, and flashing indicator LED on their On/Off activation panel providing a clear and immediate signal that ends the race

the first time riders can warn competitors and officials of pending problems without having to continuously signal with a hand or leg whilst competing

The danger and confusion inherent in stopping an active race are greatly reduced when all competitors can be notified of alerts simultaneously. Trackside officials can reduce their exposure risks while trying to perform flag warnings or assisting injured riders to immediate safety

The GPR1 Race Wireless Safety System is also informative to spectators and trackside officials. Everyone can immediately see that a race has been affected by an incident, even if it occurred some distance away from where they presently observe the proceedings

When gauging the effectiveness of a system such as this, it is worthwhile considering archival video footage of multiple-motorcycle crash incidents and consider how improved communications may have averted some of these terrible losses

The GPR1 Race Wireless Safety System is intuitive and would quickly be understood by all participants as supporting existing warning methods. Venues and Associations that adopt this system will be acknowledged by safety organisations and rider groups as being serious about the minimisation of risk by applying “Best Practice” method

Images courtesy of www.sdpics.com

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