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Xenon Vision
A unique approach to product development

Our single-minded passion: dedicating our resources, market intelligence and systems expertise to produce essential leading edge technologies that create a meaningful difference in people's lives, our work is not finished until there's a solution that meets the challenge.

With its proven core technology, Xenon is driving the next generation of Intelligent Transport Systems, increasing global interest, a host of new products and a well-defined path for future growth, we’re miles ahead. And we plan to stay there.

GPR1® Wireless Safety System

GPR1 utilises the latest in surface mounted LED and wireless technology, specifically designed to improve rider safety.

The system features Xenon’s patented light-weight diamond shaped Emergency Warning Light mounted under motorcycle rear tail section. The state of the art wireless system instantly notifies riders to slow down and maintain current position whilst under “Waving yellow flag” caution period or when arriving or exiting pit lane.

Portable base stations allow Race Control and marshalls positioned around the circuit to immediately alert fast approaching riders of an impending hazard ahead or alternatively cancel the race at the press of a button.

If a rider experiences difficulty, GPR1 high powered Emergency Warning Light can be activated via onboard override switch, alleviating the hazardous one hand in the air or foot out to the side action currently utilised to signal caution.

GPR1 Protect your greatest asset

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