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Our single-minded passion: dedicating our resources, market intelligence and systems expertise to produce essential leading edge technologies that create a meaningful difference in people's lives, our work is not finished until there's a solution that meets the challenge.

With its proven core technology, Xenon is driving the next generation of Intelligent Transport Systems, increasing global interest, a host of new products and a well-defined path for future growth, we’re miles ahead. And we plan to stay there.

Xenon Safety Foundation (XSF)

Help reduce injury and road fatalities, enrich the lives of individuals who are rendered incapable of sustaining themselves due to road trauma or serious illness.

As motorcycling enters a “Golden Era” increased measures are required to curb the escalating road toll.

The latest researches by two Federal Government organisations reveal motorcyclist are getting hurt more often than other road users.

According to the Australian Transport Safety Bureau and the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, the overall number of motorcycle-related fatalities in Australia has increased by 36% since 1999. (22% since 2004)

The rate of serious injury in terms of vehicle kilometres travelled was 34 times higher for motorcyclist than car occupants, with the proportion of motorcycle-related fatalities unacceptably high compared with other OECD countries.

“The increased use of motorcycles was clearly one of the reasons that reductions in deaths were less than expected. The number of deaths of motorcyclists in road crashes increased while the numbers of deaths of other road users either declined or remained the same”.
BITRE: Fatal Road Crash in Australia in the 1990s and 2000s

Aside from stress pain and tragedy accidents cause, many long-term accident victims face financial hardship forced to rely on family or friends.

Scope Report “Too little Too Late” reveals 91% of clients with a disability were required to self-fund or source top up funding to meet the gap between departmental funding and the total cost of equipment.

Xenon Safety Foundation objectives

  • Open sharing of information and resources to advantage everyday riders
  • In conjunction with industry promote the benefits of motorcycling as a viable eco-friendly means of transport, recreation and sport
  • In combination with safety community and authorities raise the importance of Road Safety rider awareness
  • Assist individuals who have sustained long term debilitating injury resulting from a motorcycle accident
  • Provide support to benefit underprivileged or immobilised citizens
Foundation programs incorporate
  • Education
  • Community Care
  • Outreach
We are currently seeking expressions of interest from dedicated and passionate individuals able to contribute to the success of Xenon Safety Foundation. Although non-profit, the selected board members will have full autonomy (within constitute) and are entitled to financial remuneration for services rendered.

Applicants must embody the spirit and principles of the Foundation with a desire to make a difference.

“As prosperous society, we must ensure all immobilised riders are embraced with dignity and the means to successfully integrate back into the community”

Xenon Safety Foundation founder, Robert Lancellotti

Correspondence to:
Xenon Safety Foundation
GPO Box 1234 Melbourne 3001
Victoria Australia

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