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Monash University Accident Research Centre “Intelligent Transport Systems and Motorcycle Safety” Report published March 2007

Supported by the Victorian Government Traffic Accident Commission, the independent and comprehensive study identifies the latest and emerging Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) with potential to enhance rider safety.

Expert consultants contacted over 700 individuals across wide section of government academia and industry, participating countries included Australia Austria Belgium Denmark France Holland Japan Sweden USA and UK.

In brief, the report supports Xtreme Beam® world first claim

“This is one of few ITS devices that has been specifically designed for motorcycles”.. (Page 19)

“Consultations with industry experts did not yield any information about currently existing systems that the authors were not yet aware of, with the exception of the Xtreme Beam System” (Summary 4.1)

The Report further identifies Xtreme Beam® unique features could pose a significant effect in reducing crash occurrence.

“There is a high instance of running-off road crashes on curves in motorcycles. Any system that addresses the balance of the motorcycle may have great potential safety benefits for this type of crash” (3.1.21 Roll Stability)

“The conspicuity enhancing effect of this system both pre and post crash could have significant effects in reducing crash occurrence, specifically failure to see crashes, and in reducing the severity of crashes by decreasing critical response time , particularly in rural and night time crashes where the vehicle may be difficult to locate” (3.2.5 Emergency Hazard Light)

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