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Corporate Profile
At the forefront of innovation and evolution

Xenon Technologies is a global leader in Intelligent Transport System design. The Company develops and markets advanced integrated vehicle safety systems offering an unmatched solution set that ensures high performance for every application.

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GPR1® Wireless Safety System

Road Racing Enduro-Rallies Motocross. Practice or competition GPR1 is the first standalone wireless network designed to protect the professional motorcycle racer’s survival space

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Xenon Vision
A unique approach to product development

Our single-minded passion: dedicating our resources, market intelligence and systems expertise to produce essential leading edge technologies that create a meaningful difference in people's lives, our work is not finished until there's a solution that meets the challenge.

What's New
Monash University Accident Research Centre “Intelligent Transport Systems and Motorcycle Safety” Report 2007.

Expert consultants contacted over 700 individuals across wide section of government academia and industry, participating countries included Australia Austria Belgium Denmark France Holland Japan Sweden USA and UK.

The report supports Xtreme Beam® Safety System world first claim

“This is one of few ITS devices that has been specifically designed for motorcycles”..

“Consultations with industry experts did not yield any information about currently existing systems that the authors were not yet aware of, with the exception of the Xtreme Beam System”

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